Welcome to our website and thank you for taking a virtual tour to learn more about us and
Wireswest GWPs in central Oregon.  We have owned several other sporting breeds over
the years but the German Wirehaired Pointer became our breed of choice in 1997. We
were searching for a breed that could do it all...  have the stamina for hunting the steep
unforgiving chukar country day after day, charge through the thick briars and cattails to pin a
rooster, handle the frigid waters of waterfowl hunting, and most importantly - have a calm,
stable temperament to be a family house dog.  After our first GWP, we never looked back.    
Our dogs make excellent family companions and
have the ability to switch gears from being calm in
the house and the family comedian to a hard
charging, focused, high powered hunter in the field.  
We use to hunt 40 to 50 days/year but now that we are retired from our
"real jobs" we are able to spend even more time hunting,  Over the last 4
years, we have spent 4 - 6 weeks hunting in either Montana, South
Dakota, Wyoming, and/or Nevada for pheasants, sharptails, Huns,
chukars, and waterfowl before we return to Oregon to finish out the
season.  Our time in the field behind our dogs gives us the opportunity to
properly evaluate our dog's performance and make responsible decisions
about our breeding program.  We only breed our selected best dogs.  
We are avid bird hunters first and foremost but during the
rest of the year, we exhibit and compete our GWPs in AKC
and NAVHDA field events and conformation shows to
demonstrate their strong natural hunting abilities, stable
temperament, stamina, boldness and desire, trainability, and
correct breed conformation standards.  Our dogs not only
compete against other GWPs in field events, but all AKC
pointing breeds.

Our dogs are trained and handled in all field competition
events by us, not by professional (pros) trainers.  We are
often in direct competition with pros and other amateur
handlers who's dogs were trained by pros and we seem to
hold our own.  Field trials and tests provide the opportunity
for us to see where our GWPs "stack up" against all other
pointing breeds and help evaluate our breeding program.
Meg Eden
Wireswest German Wirehaired Pointers
Terrebonne, OR
Smith Rocks, July 2016
We are not a commercial kennel as our dogs are our
passion, not our living. We do not "recycle" our dogs
once they become too old to breed.  We do not re-home
our dogs.  As a matter of fact, several of our dogs are
never bred.  Our dogs are our family house dogs so
there is no second guessing as to their temperaments
and personalities.
Members of:
German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America     
National North America Versatile Hunting Dog Association
Central Oregon NAVHDA Chapter   www.conachda.com
Pacific Northwest NAVHDA Chapter      www.pnwnavhda.com
Mt Bachelor Kennel Club     www.mbkc.org/          )
2016 GWPCA National Field Champion