Click below see video
mallard drake
"to hand" at 9
weeks old !!!
Click on videos below to see Nudge and her 5 littermates
As the Breeder Referral Representative for the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America, I will have information on other
litters around the US throughout the year.  Please contact me at   for more information.
Seven month old liver
ticked male available
(DOB: March 30, 2018).
Coop is an outstanding
water dog that loves to
retrieve.  He will make an
excellent waterfowl dog
but also a great upland
hunter.  Coop is headed to
Montana/North Dakota for
6+ weeks of hunting and
will return to Oregon in
early December.  For more
information, call or text
541-410-3935   In the
meantime, click on this
video below to watch
Coop (at 4 months old)
making a double bumper
retrieve with distractions
of other puppies and
without formal
commands.  He is a
Meg Eden
Terrebonne, Oregon
I highly recommend this dog training
book, written by Robert Pettit.  This
book will help guide you through
developing your puppy to a finished gun
dog the smart way.  Not only will this
book explain how to prevent mistakes
but also how to rehabilitate a problem
dog. I have personal experience and
success with Bob's techniques.  This will
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Bird Dog Training & Problem Solving
by Robert Pettit
Litter Expected in Early August 2019 with Placement in Early October
Merit x Seek
Should produce some outstanding land and water family hunting dogs!
Priority of puppy placement will go to homes that are interested in field testing.
GCH Wireswest Honestly Earned at Claddagh NA1 SH
CHIC# 120576    AKC# SR87552802   Navhda# GW-009488
Hips - Excellent                   Thyroid - Normal
Elbows - Normal                  CERF Eyes - Normal
vWD - Clear                        Cardiac - Normal
Height 24.5", Weight 66 lbs, Color Liver Ticked
CH Wireswest The Nose Knows UTlll/181
CHIC# 120236    AKC# SR86687810      Navhda# GW-009580
Hips - Good                        Thyroid - Normal
Elbows - Normal                  CERF Eyes - Normal
vWD - Clear                        Cardiac - Normal
Height 22",  Weight 50 lbs,  Color Liver/White Ticked
Seek will be in training and competition in 2019 until bred.
" Breeding of Exceptional Bird Dogs to Exceptional Bird Dogs "
Two puppies available.  
DOB:  March 23, 2019
Liver and white female with a short
coat, but her leg furnishings and
beard are starting to grow.  She is not
a slick coat but will have minimal
furnishings.  She has a sweet
personality that wants to please.  She
is all business in the field with a stylist
point, focus, and  intensity.  She is
developing a great nose and will be a
great upland dog for the serious
chukar hunter.  
Liver ticked male with a dense harsh
wash & wear coat that lays flat. He will
have a nice beard and leg furnishings.  
He has a great point and loves the
water.  He is always carrying
something.  Here is your duck dog that
has a perfect GWP coat to hold up to
the cold water yet he likes the upland
birds too!