DC AFC Weidenhugel Kate V Gus MH  NAVHDA NA P1
DC Wildwings Shameless  x  CH Weidenhugel Becca V Blitz MH
Kate is jokingly nicknamed "The Corporate Dog" as she is co-owned by 4 people, including
me.  Kate's breeder is Cynthia Heiller, DVM and the primary owner of Kate. Cindy sent Kate
to me when she was 4 months old so she could be exposed to the field and water.  After a
few months of having Kate, I called up Cindy and begged her to let me co-owner her as well.  
Kate became a regular residence at our place for 9 to 10 months each year.  Kate has
extremely strong pointing, retrieving, and water skills.  She is extremely intelligence and her
temperament is second to none.  Her strongest attribute is her nose but everything else is a
close second.  Her style on honor is the same as her pointing style.  She can deliver a quail
to hand like she is carrying fine china and was never force-retrieved trained - it is all natural!
Kate is an exceptional bird dog and earned all her titles, DC, FC, AFC, MH, and CH by the
time she was only 3 years and 5 months of age. Kate was the # 1 GWPCA Amateur Gun Dog
in 2015 and # 1 GWP with the Northwest Field Trial Council in 2014.  Kate came out of
retirement last fall after having 2 litters to run in the 2017 GWPCA Nationals in Wisconsin.
Kate had not competed in over a year and the country was entirely new to her.  As usual, she
did not disappoint us by winning "Runner Up" in the National Field Championship stake! Kate
does not want to retire so time will tell what else she might do!  Kate's sire, Gus is the #1
GWPCA All Time Field Champion Producing Sire since 2014!
Kate on her first water retrieve at 5 months
old - a bumper and a pigeon. She has to
have it all and if she can fit a piece of it in her
mouth, it is going with her!
Kate is a natural backer and has beautiful breath-taking style. Her nose is
exceptional and almost "super natural".  You better believe her when she
says "those birds are out there" or you will miss a great shot. It is rare for
her to go birdless in competition and many competitors gauged their own
dog's potential success on how many birds Kate pointed.
Click to view 7 month old Kate working a
pigeon in a bird launcher
 Kate on Point
Kate won the 2012 GWPCA National Field
Futurity at the Kistler Ranch in California.
Kate won her Show
Championship title from the
show ring with three 5 point
majors!  Only 4 times in the
ring!  Not only did she win her 5
point majors from the class
bitches but she also went on to
take Best of Winners - all three
Kate earned her five AKC titles in
less than 8 months time.  Between
February 2, 14 to September 20,
14, Kate earned her CH, DC, FC,
AFC, and MH.  All before she was 4
years of age!
Kate finished her Master
Hunter title in 6 straight
attempts.  It was an easy
title for her to earn as it is
all based on having solid
honest manners.
Kate is CHIC Certified     CHIC # 109399
Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Eyes Normal,
Thyroid Normal, Heart Normal.

AKC # SR68080501

Breeders: Cynthia Heiller & Kathleen Boyd
Owners: Cynthia Heiller, Kathleen Boyd,
Lynn Sandor, Meg Eden
Kate Runner Up in the 2017 GWPCA National Field
Championship stake at Solon Spring, Wisconsin!
Kate has been hunting upland and
waterfowl since she was 6 months
old.  She naturally retrieved to
hand on her first bird and every
bird afterwards!