Von Duffin's Brier Rose UD MH
Von Duffin's Thundersticks  x  Hellbenders Halcyone

Our lives began with German Wirehaired Pointers in 1997 when we brought home this new breed of hunting dog that we named Jesse.  
We had both German Shorthaired Pointers and English Springer Spaniels prior to her and thought this new breed, the German Wirehaired
Pointer had an interesting appeal.  We were intrigued with the versatile hunting aspects of the breed and the kind, calm, comedian-type
personality as a great family dog.  We were fortunate to purchase Jesse from reputable breeders, Terry and Ann Duffin of Kennels Von
Duffin in Bend, Oregon.

Jesse possessed such intelligence and logic in everything she did, especially when it came to hunting.  She could sense we were going
hunting before we ever gathered our gear, we swear she must have understood our conversations.  She spent more time hunting each
year than most other hunting dogs hunted in a lifetime.  Her prime hunting years was also during the height of Oregon's chukar population,
so many birds were shot over her.  She always managed to slip away at the end of a long day on our way back to the pickup and find that
last covey on a high ridge or at the bottom of a deep canyon.  Sometimes that last covey was always within minutes of the final shooting
hour and while on point, she would look downhill at us with the sun going down and give "the look" as if to say "hurry up, these birds won't
hold forever".  We would wearily comply and struggle up the hill.  She had a lot of stamina and desire every minute while in the field, she
was all heart and lungs.

Jesse taught us more than we ever could teach her.  We just tagged along behind her and watched.  Jesse was a family member and we
rarely went anywhere without her.  Jesse was a true ambassador to the breed as she never met a stranger, human or canine.  She
opened our eyes to a breed of intelligent, hard-working, high stamina, serious land and water hunting dogs that were also excellent kind,
calm family dogs with a comedian twist to their personalities.  Jesse always had a card up her sleeve and knew when to pull it - she brought
a lot of laughter to our home.  She could also look deep into your eyes and right into your soul and know your next move before you did.  
She kept us on our toes and it was our goal to try and be half as smart and clever as she was...  we never had a chance.  

Jesse excelled in field and performance venues earning her AKC Master Hunter and Obedience Utility Dog titles in spite of our mistakes
and slow learning curve.  She humored us all the way and made us look like better trainers than we deserved.  Jesse was special and
changed our lives forever, we were blessed.

             Sweet dreams girl, you have earned your spot in that special place that all great dogs go.

"Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened!"

June 22, 1997 -  September 12, 2009