ROM Supreme Dam
  • Elbe earned the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America (GWPCA)
    Supreme Record of Merit (ROM).  It is awarded when a dam or sire has
    produce a sufficient number of exceptional progeny that reflected the
    versatilely of the breed by acquiring titles from both field and show."   To
    date, there are only 5 GWP dams that have been awarded the Supreme
    ROM title.  

Top Producing Dam
  • Elbe was awarded the GWPCA Top Producing Dam in 2008 and 2010 in
    recognition of her progenies accomplishments.

Versatility Excellent
  • Elbe was awarded the GWPCA Versatility Excellent for her "own"
    distinguished record of titles from field events, conformation, and
    performance competition.  Elbe earned her Master Hunter, Show
    Conformation, and Companion Excellent Obedience titles.  "These dogs
    possess the temperament, intelligence, hunting, and working capabilities
    which represents the essential characteristics of the breed."

Top Novice Dog
  • Elbe earned the GWPCA Top Novice obedience award in 2004.  
Elbe's accomplishments speak for themselves and needless to say, we could not
ask anything more from our foundation dam.  Elbe produced only 3 small-to-
medium size litters to earn these Nationals awards, including one 2xNFC, 4 DCs,
5 FCs, 5 AFCs, 4 MHs, 5 JHs, 1 CD, 1CDX, and 5 CHs titles.
CH Von Duffin's Lady Bug CDX MH VX Supreme ROM
We were fortunate in the purchase our first two GWPs
(which included Elbe) from experienced breeders, Terry and
Ann Duffin of Von Duffin Kennels and obtaining this quality
blended bloodline.  It is our goal to preserve and improve
these fine quality bloodlines that  we started with in 1997.
GWPCA National Recognition
Elbe is on the small size but don't under estimate her size.  Though Elbe is a
small package, she has no problems in retrieving 10-12 pound geese at a full
run.  It is all about desire.  She naturally "places" herself in a blind and watches
the sky.  One only needs to watch her look up out of tops of her eyes to know the
geese are coming.  She loves to chase them down if they get up and try to fly off.
Elbe (laying down) and her daughter Dillon
after a successful day in the field.
Elbe started waterfowl hunting at 6 months old.  She is
famous for retrieving wounded birds (from other
hunters) while hiking to our blind.  Some days, half our
bag limit was reached before we ever fire our shotguns.
CH Sure Shot's Rockland Boss ROM Supreme  X  Hell Benders Bugbite
To date, Elbe's offsprings have earned one 2xNFC, 4 DC,   
5 FC, 5 AFC, 4 MH, 5 JH, 1 CD, 1 CDX, and 5 CH titles.
OFA Hips and Elbows: Normal
Weight: 48 pounds
Height" 23 Inches
Breeder: Terry & Ann Duffin, Owner: Meg Eden