DC AFC Wireswest First Dibs MH
DC Wildwings Shameless  x  CH Von Duffins Lady Bug CDX MH VX Supreme ROM
Dibs is all business in the field and has a super nose for finding
birds, especially in tough scenting conditions.  She has been a
natural backer since the very first day she saw another dog on
point - she was just 4 months old. Since that time, she has always
honored... always.  Dibs has unbelievable stamina, desire, and
power and is an all-day hunting dog.  While powerful in the field,
she is extremely calm in the house or traveling down the road in
the back seat of a vehicle or in a crate.  She is a totally different
dog away from the field and knows when to turn it off.  She has
passed these wonderful traits to her offsprings, making them
excellent house dogs.  Dibs finished quickly in the show ring with
two 5 point majors (BOW) at just 9 months old and then went on to
earn her Dual Champions (DC), Amateur Field Champion (AFC),
and Master Hunter (MH) in the following 3 years. Dibs titles took a
little longer than her siblings, Stoli and Razz only because of poor
timing of her heat cycles.  Dibs has a very solid stable
temperament and gets along with all dogs (whether young or old,
male or female), though can't say the same with cats and raccoons
as her fur drive runs deep to her core.  Dibs is a great water dog
and retriever with an excellent harsh wash-and-wear coat.  
It is hard to keep Dibs out of the water and she is a classic
example of the versatile GWP with desire to be working the
land and water.
Dibs was Runner-Up at the
2012 GWPCA Nationals,
the first time and only time
she ever competed at the
GWPCA Nationals. Thank
you Wayne Yamashita for
Dibs is an excellent example of how a dog can be a close ranging foot
hunting dog and also a big ranging field trial competition dog - at the same
time!  Dibs earned her Master Hunter (MH) and Dual Champion (Field
Champion and Conformation Champion) within 2 months of each other.  I
challenge those that feel that a field trial dog can not make a good foot
hunting dog.  It all boils down to dogs having biddable traits and manners.  
Dibs has brains, talent,
and beauty. Dibs won
two 5-point conformation
show when she was 9
months old. Dibs is true
to the standard.
Dibs will never "not" honor.  You can take that one to the
bank.  She earned her Master Hunter title fast and easy!
AKC#   SR44876601          Elbows:    Normal    
CHIC#  73922                    Cardiac:   Normal
Sex: Female                      Eyes(CERF):Normal
Height: 22+ inches           vWD:         Clear
Weight: 48 pounds           Elbows:    Normal
                                      Thyroid:   Normal

Breeder/Owner/Trainer/Handler: Meg Eden